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Television Station In Toronto - Ontario

Following a break-in at a national independent television station, during which the intruder set various small fires, Newtron Group was asked to attend to the scene to assess the damage.

National Television Station Vancouver BC

Newtron Group provided consulting & on-site equipment restoration & decontamination caused by water damage from sprinklers at a Vancouver TV station.

Cell Phone Company Peterborough Ontario

During the Peterborough flood a location of this nation-wide cellular provider was damaged due to the rising water. Newtron Group arrived on-site to discover a cell phone switching station filled with electronic parts.

Telecommunications Company New Glasgow Nova Scotia

The insured involved in this claim operates a telecommunications firm providing telephone, Internet, cable and community television to the local community, including residential and business customers.

R & D Technology Producer Vancouver BC

When a fire broke out in an industrial plant in British Columbia, Newtron Group was called to inspect the damage. A Project Manager was flown to Vancouver to conduct an on-site assessment of the equipment, which had been affected by both fire and water.

Entertainment & Shopping Centre Edmonton Alberta

Following a heavy rainstorm, which caused water and sewage to flood the shopping centre, Newtron Group was called in to assess the damage.

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