Entertainment & Shopping Centre Edmonton Alberta

Following a heavy rainstorm, which caused water and sewage to flood the shopping centre, Newtron Group was called in to assess the damage. A Project Manager was sent to Edmonton immediately to establish the damage caused by the loss and to discern the scope of work involved.

The most affected areas in the mall-which contains stores, amusement park rides, a hotel, restaurants and other attractions-were below normal ground level and the water levels in the affected areas varied. Newton Group's initial walk through of the mall was conducted with representatives of two engineering firms and a representative of the shopping centre and included areas such as the amusement park rides, a fountain pump, the human resources office and the mall security offices.

The electrical room contained various switchgears and 13.8KV transformers that were located inside of metal cabinetry. Also located in the room were three new pringle switches in boxes that were directly on the floor. The boiler room consisted of various gas fed boiler components.

The amusement ride equipment inspected included an electrical distribution room, electronic controls for the roller coaster, and all controls for a particular ride, including the car control and animation. We also inspected some equipment located underneath another 3-D ride. The equipment inspected in the Human Resources department and Mall Security included computers, network switches and peripherals, as well as other office equipment.

An inspection of the electrical distribution room indicated that approximately 8 inches of water covered most of the area. Due to the fact that all the internal components of the switches and transformers were not located directly at the bottom of the cabinets, no direct water damage to vital operating equipment was observed. The only damage seen were water line marks on the exterior of the cabinets.

However there were three new 600V pringle switches located in boxes on the floor that were directly affected. Newtron Group recommended that these switches be immediately taken from the floor area and serviced, as the switchgear was vital to the operation of the mall and once in service again, could not be cycled down for any further inspection. Newtron Group worked with a designated engineering firm to ensure that these inspections and repairs, as well as those regarding the items in the boiler room, were completed in a y and cost effective manner.

Inspection of the electrical/electronic control room for the roller coaster, located underneath the coaster, indicated that it had been submerged in approximately 6 inches of water. The cabinets, located on a cement slab, were not directly affected but had been subjected to high levels of humidity for an extended period of time.

At the time of loss these controls were approximately 20 years old and had accumulated a great deal of dust and dirt. Therefore, Newtron Group recommended that they should be fully decontaminated. Once approved, Newtron Group flew in a crew of trained technicians to complete this process and render the ride fully functional again. Newtron Group completed the decontamination process outside of normal business hours to minimize any business interruption.