National Television Station Vancouver BC

When two floors at a building owned by a national television station in Vancouver suffered water damage from overhead sprinklers, Newtron Group provided both consulting and restoration services.

Directly following the loss, the staff at the affected businesses tried to dry the damaged equipment themselves and return it to normal working condition. The methods used by these employees were not enough to ensure the continued reliability of the equipment, thus, a few months after the loss Newtron Group was called in to assess the situation and the need for cleaning, decontamination, repair, and replacement of the affected equipment.

Newtron Group's on-site inspection revealed a wide variety of equipment that had been exposed to water contamination. This equipment included multi-paneled audio and video jack fields, mounting racks, an advanced digital audio matrix system, audio monitors, telephone interface units, video editing equipment, television monitors and much more.

The fairly low temperature and humidity levels prevented the equipment from deteriorating rapidly and so, despite the months that had passed, Newtron Group found much of the equipment was restorable. Through careful analysis of various water samples Newtron Group was also able to determine that the city water which hit the equipment-although relatively clean-contained a significant amount of calcium, chlorine, rust and debris (much of which had built up in the pipes) which would have, over time, contaminated the equipment and caused it to deteriorate.

Once we submitted our findings and reports, Newtron Group received a go-ahead and a technical crew, headed by a highly experienced Project Manager, flew to Vancouver to conduct a successful on-site cleaning and decontamination of the equipment.

We also aided the insured in dealing with outside vendors regarding repair and replacement of some specialized equipment. In doing so Newtron Group was able to ensure that only the necessary replacements were made and that all the steps taken were the most cost-effective and helpful for all parties involved.