Disaster recovery & large loss.

At Newtron Group, we are an essential part of the disaster recovery process - making restoration of valuable equipment a practical, cost-effective option.

Our unique equipment preservation services.

When a loss occurs, we are on site quickly to help assess damages.

In situations where a building's safety is compromised and/or delays in equipment restoration are expected, we will apply a special preservative to bare metals to stop corrosion from its harmful effects.

As a result, valuable equipment and machinery can be preserved while waiting for the restoration to begin

Your complex & large loss solution.

We understand the impacts to homeowners and businesses impacted by flood, fire, smoke, weather, and other catastrophes.

With Newtron, you are protected against the threat of complex and large loss - with comprehensive resources and expert crews available 24/7, coast to coast.

Technical advisors you count on.

Learn about our exceptional technical consulting and auditing services – fair, accurate and thorough.