Telecommunications Company New Glasgow Nova Scotia

The insured involved in this claim operates a telecommunications firm providing telephone, Internet, cable and community television to the local community, including residential and business customers.

They provide all of their services through a regular television cable. After a fire broke out in the front office area causing extensive smoke, soot and water damage to the building and its contents, Newtron Group was called in to survey the equipment.

Newtron Group was able to have a Project Manager on the road almost immediately after the job was called in. Once in Nova Scotia the contents that were inspected included office equipment, live television broadcast equipment and service delivery equipment.

The front of the building, where the fire was located, contained the office equipment, including desktop computers and printers. Also located in this area was the broadcast studio where the insured broadcast live television. The type of equipment located in this area was studio lighting, broadcast camera equipment, a large lit board and operator control console.

Located beside the studio was the control and editing room, an area that consisted of broadcast control equipment and audio/video editing equipment. The types of equipment found in this room were VTRs, mixing consoles and various audio/video editing equipment. The service delivery equipment was located at the rear of the building and contained eight rows of equipment racks which contained telephone switching equipment, cable channel distribution and internet serving and monitoring equipment amongst other things.

Our inspection of the office equipment indicated extensive smoke and soot damage. Permanent staining had occurred throughout the equipment and it was concluded that none of the items were restorable and therefore should be replaced.

In regards to the studio and control room all the equipment had either melted as a result of heat or sustained extensive smoke contamination causing permanent staining and also required replacement. Newtron Group supplied the adjuster with approximate replacement costs for all the written off items that required replacement.

Only the equipment in the delivery area, isolated in the back of the building, could be restored after being exposed to soot and smoke. Newtron Group advised that restoration would be necessary to counteract staining and ensure that the equipment did not corrode in the future.