Equipment cleaning & restoration.

Newtron is the national leader in the cleaning and restoration of electronics, equipment and machinery of all types.

The business case for restoring equipment.

The cost savings when restoring items compared to replacing them is significant and saves precious time.

Inspecting, cleaning and decontamination of equipment is done safely and efficiently by our highly skilled technicians - on or off site.

We work with authorized repair vendors to complete any loss-related repairs. Our work is also backed by warranty.

The Newtron approach.

Among our many techniques to salvage and repair items, our proprietary chemical process has been proven effective in arresting and neutralizing corrosion in industrial equipment and electronics.

Not only does equipment restoration get our clients back to normal sooner, it keeps our landfills and waterways cleaner and greener.

We are your disaster recovery experts.

We are here to mitigate losses whenever disaster strikes - getting your business up and running as quickly as possible.