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Newtron is the national leader in the cleaning and restoration of electronics, equipment and machinery of all types.

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At Newtron, we help reduce losses after a disaster by restoring equipment, electronics and machinery – saving valuable time and money while protecting the environment.

Providing both on and off-site support, we mobilize quickly to minimize equipment losses and ensure the least possible business disruption.

Wherever disaster strikes, we are on duty 24/7 - nationwide.

Our technical staff work alongside repair vendors and manufacturers representatives to ensure the proper project scope definition involving equipment losses.

We proudly serve the following industries:

Education & Hospitals

Government & Military

Labs & Health Care

Commercial & Industrial

Manufacturing & Processing

Mines & Oil Rigs

Office Retail & Financial

Family Residential

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We invite insurance professionals who don’t currently work with us to safely tour our facility or simply give us a call.