National Beverage Company in Peterborough Ontario

The plant in question experienced serious smoke, water and soot damage following a fire. Newtron Group was called in by the independent adjuster to handle the restoration of the electronic equipment.

Our Project Manager was dispatched the same day to investigate and assess the damage to the control and lab equipment. The equipment ranged from computer items, such as printers and CPUs, to scales, thermometers, and laboratory ovens, representing approximately 129 items in total.

Newtron Group received approval for restoration the same day and the decontamination process began the following morning. The job took a total of five days to complete on-site. While assessing the computer equipment Newtron also found a few viruses in the insured’s computer system that they were not aware of. Newtron’s consulting division proceeded to eliminate the viruses from the affected hard drives.

A letter was then sent informing the insured of the possibility of there being more viruses on other hard drives that Newtron had been unable to remove due to the sensitive nature of the information these hard drives contained. The insured was then advised not to share information from drive to drive as the possibility of contamination was prevalent. A detailed report was completed and sent to the insurance adjuster for his review.

Follow up discussions with the Plant Manager after restoration was completed revealed that all the equipment was functioning properly and that the insured was pleased with Newtron Group’s work.