Analytical Testing Laboratory in Mississauga Ontario

Newtron Group was called to inspect a laboratory, which preformed various tests on human blood and environmental samples, where a fire had occurred in the electrical distribution room.

The fire caused smoke and soot damage throughout the laboratory and affected a wide range of equipment including electronic office products, such as computers, and various lab testing equipment including gas chromatographs. Newtron Group inventoried and assessed the various types of specialized equipment and then reported back to our clients in a timely fashion.

Upon reporting the preliminary findings Newtron Group was instructed to begin emergency restoration of specific priority items per the insured. Newtron Group was able to assemble a crew of approximately fifteen technicians to work on the equipment in order to have it restored to fit the insured’s required time line.

Newtron Group worked with the insurance company, contractor and the insured in order to create a restoration schedule that was both efficient and met the insured’s business needs.