Medical Laboratory in London Ontario

When a four-storey commercial building, utilized as both a medical diagnostic laboratory and administration offices, was affected by a fire that broke out on the basement level, Newtron Group was called in to assess the damaged equipment.

At the time of the fire the basement level had been sealed off and declared a biohazard zone, thus, Newtron Group surveyed the damaged equipment on the top floors first, in order to determine whether the items were restorable.

During inspection Newtron Group encountered a diverse collection of damaged items ranging from standard desktop PCs and other office equipment, such as photocopiers and fax machines, to highly specialized analytical testing equipment including gas chromatographs and centrifuges in the Toxicology, Hematology and Microbiology labs.

When the basement area was cleared for entrance Newtron Group’s trained consultant returned and was able to enter the basement to observe the damaged equipment. Newtron Group followed all safety guidelines, including wearing fully sealed environmental protection suits, in order to assess the damaged items in a timely manner.

After assessing more than one thousand affected pieces, Newtron Group was able to determine which items were restorable and/or repairable and which items required replacement. Newtron Group worked with the insured to make certain that priority items were restored first, ensuring that the down time for the laboratory was minimal.

Newtron Group also worked in conjunction with the appropriate vendors of the analytical equipment, in order to develop an acceptable method of decontamination that would allow for the re-certification of the highly specialized equipment. In just over two weeks Newtron’s technicians were able to restore the necessary equipment and have the laboratory fully functional again.