Hospital in North York Ontario

A hospital in North York had sustained water damage. Newtron Group's Senior Consultant met with the insurance adjuster, as well as representatives from the hospital and the equipment supplier to discuss a number of operating room electronic items that had been affected when a pipe burst due to cold weather.

Four days later, after receiving clearance from the hospital, Newtron Group returned to conduct a thorough inventory and inspection of all the items. The list of items included medical imaging equipment, controllers for powered surgical instruments, an insufflator, medical grade isolation transformers, personal computers, and accessory items such as card imprinting machines. The items were then removed from the affected areas and locked up in a designated storage case in the hospital’s warehouse.

Once the items had been secured Newtron Group sent a cube van to transfer the equipment from the hospital to our facility. The same day we were advised by the adjuster’s office that construction work to repair the affected operating rooms would be completed in a matter of weeks. Thus, Newtron was advised to clean, decontaminate, and restore whatever items were restorable and be ready to return the equipment as soon as possible. Work on cleaning and restoration commenced immediately.

Newtron Group then negotiated an agreement with the authorized vendor of the equipment to test, re-calibrate, and re-certify the medical imaging equipment, the controllers for powered surgical instruments, the insufflator, and the medical grade isolation transformers. The vendor, however, would not accept any of the items unless Newtron was able to verify that they were of an acceptable level of cleanliness. Newtron Group took wipe samples from the restored equipment and sent them to a scientific laboratory to test for the presence of microbial such as yeast, mould, Coli, and E-Coli.

Upon receiving the test results that confirmed the cleanliness of the items Newtron Group put together a detailed report for both the insurance adjuster and the vendor, outlining the findings of the laboratory.

Following the lab testing of all the equipment Newtron Group sent the completed items to the vendor for final testing, re-calibration, and re-certification. Once the vendor had completed these tasks the items were returned to the hospital.

Finally, Newtron Group had the computer equipment tested for the presence of any bacteria. When all the restored computer items came back clean Newtron Group made a final delivery to the hospital of these items. Thus, Newtron Group was able to work with the adjuster, hospital and authorized vendor in order to ensure the restoration and return of the affect equipment in an efficient and timely manner.